Considered as the best horse in seat of the world, for having a soft walking. The horseman neither it jumps neither moves toward the sides. He remains almost immobile on the mount. This was achieved after 300 years of genetic selection, thanks to the mixture of three races: the fieldon, the Andalusian and the frison.
The Peruvian Dressage Horse is known in the world by his form of walking at four times that produce a very original sound: PACA-PACA-PACA. It can advance up to 27 Km. per hour.
The mount is very ornamented, standing out the Pellón Sampedrano. The horseman, called Chalán shines straw hat or jipijapa, shirt and white pant with brown poncho of vicuña fiber.
In Trujillo takes place a National Competition, September 29, during the International Festival of the Spring.
The Association of Breeders and Owners of Peruvian Horses, offer daily exhibition in their local, located in the Panamerican highway km 569 ,among 13:00 and 14:30 hours.
Cost of the entrance: 11.00 soles. It includes the exhibition and the chance to ride and to take pictures.

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